Dear Colleagues;
We would like to greet you as the Executive committee of Bobath Therapists Association.
The Neurodevelopmental Therapy (Bobath) therapists association was established in Ankara in 2013 in order to provide scientific support for the practices of Bobath therapists in our country and to promote the Bobath approach to physiotherapists and other pediatric rehabilitation professionals.
Bobath; it has the distinction of being the most adopted concept in the world as a concept that lives, develops and includes scientific innovations. Bobath therapists, who provide this rightful level by giving importance to continuous education, continue their education after completing their certified training and receiving the title of Bobath therapist.
Physiotherapist-occupational therapist- speech and language therapist Bobath therapists offer important solutions in the rehabilitation processes of infants at risk of cerebral palsy and children, youth and adults diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.
First of all, we would like to inform you that we have reached the number of 330 Pediatric Bobath therapists who have completed certified courses in accordance with EBTA rules in our country. Our association continues to organize trainings for Bobath therapists with 8-week EBTA-related certified courses. The number of trained Bobath therapists is increasing.
Refresher and advanced Bobath therapy courses, as well as workshops and congresses, have an important place for our association as activities that serve these trainings. EBTA ensures the continuation of this education chain by holding a congress every two years. In our country, which is accepted as a member of EBTA, it tries to reflect these developments to you through our association. Bobath trainers from Turkey have been trained and continue to grow. In the courses in our country, our Turkish trainers also provide training together with international Bobath trainers.
Bobath therapists in our country; After the title of Bobath therapist, she understood the importance of workshops and congresses and organized both workshops, seminars and Neurodevelopmental Therapy-Bobath Congresses and will continue to organize scientific events.
Wishing to be together, to travel together, to discover new expansions,
Kind Regards
On behalf Executive Committee
Mintaze Kerem Günel, PhD. Prof.
Chair of Executive Committee

Prof. Dr. Mintaze KEREM GÜNEL
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