Basic Courses

Basic Courses



These are 8-week courses organized in our country in accordance with the rules of EBTA (European Bobath Trainers Association) to provide therapists with 240 hours of detailed information about the Bobath Concept.


Physiotherapists can attend the course.

Participants at the end of the Bobath Basic Course;

1.Development of the Bobath Concept

2.Normal Motor Development

3.Cerebral Palsy and Clinical Types

4.Evaluation Methods in Cerebral Palsy

5.Bobath applications in cerebral palsy (practical)


7.Orthotics and Adaptive Devices in Cerebral Palsy

8.Auxiliary Treatment Methods

9.Swallowing-Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy according to the Bobath Concept

10.Neurology and Orthopedics

will get detailed information on topics such as.


During the course, each therapist has the opportunity to practice with the instructors on a large number of patients, two at a time.


Written and video assignments are required at the end of the course. The time spent by the participants for the written and video assignments is not included in these 240 hours. The assignments, case preparation and presentations determined by the course instructors are requested in writing and the participant prepares and presents the required assignments. The required case presentations take place in small groups.


After this course, the trainee learns the principles of Bobath (Neurodevelopmental Treatment Application-NGT) in children and individuals with Cerebral Palsy and receives the title of Bobath Therapist. The physiotherapist who receives the title of Bobath Therapist at the end of the course will become a member of the Association of Neurodevelopmental Treatment (Bobath) Therapists.


 It is a course in accordance with the maximum criteria adopted and published by EBTA in 1996.


 Your participation in the courses will make a significant contribution to the spread of Bobath practices in children and adults with Cerebral Palsy in our country and their adaptation to Turkish culture. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


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