Refresh Courses

Refresh Courses




Recommended by EBTA to be organized periodically, these are courses that "Bobath Therapists" can attend to learn about innovations and developments in the concept.


Organizing organizations: ABBV (Belgian Association of Bobath Instructors) and NGTTD (Association of Neurodevelopmental Therapists)


Intensive 5 days/ 40 hours intensive Practical clinical knowledge and hands-on course on facilitation


Practical work on children with Cerebral Palsy (2 physiotherapists will take 1 child and the same child will come for 5 days). Practical work will be done with children of different age, severity and functional level from different CP types.


Among the incoming children, 5 children with different SP types (different SP types every day) will be presented as demos.


Facilitation of normal movement and development and facilitation applications in pathological conditions.


Refresh with theoretical/practical up to date knowledge for the treatment and management of different types of CP.



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