About Bobath Courses

In our country, 8-week Basic NDT-Bobath courses were organized for the first time in 2005 by Feride Bilir at Istanbul University Child Health Institute. The first Introductory seminars were organized between 2001-2005 at Istanbul University, Department of Pediatrics, Physiotherapy Unit. Afterwards, the courses were carried out within the Association of Pediatric Physiotherapists and 7 basic 8-week courses have been organized in our country so far and a total of 126 people have received the title of Bobath therapist. In 2013, the Association of Neurodevelopmental Treatment (Bobath) Therapists was established. After this stage, all kinds of activities related to Bobath applications applied for individuals with cerebral palsy in our country have started to be carried out under the roof of this association.




Bobath Basic Course : 8-Week Basic Training in the Bobath Concept. This course is 280 hours. It includes lectures given by Bobath tutors on assessment, classification, facilitation, neurophysiological development, pathology, normal motor development, abnormal motor development in children and individuals with cerebral palsy, as well as OT (occupational therapy), SLT (oral motor rehabilitation, speech therapy), neurology, neonatology, orthopedics. It is an intensive training with emphasis on practical application. There is no requirement to take the Introductory course to participate in this course. Anyone who is a physiotherapist can participate.


Advance Course : EBTA certified advanced courses in specific areas. It is organized for 10 or 15 days, at least 5 days depending on the subject. (Baby, Adult SP, Facilitation applications etc...)


Refresh courses: 8-week Bobath Basic training and "Bobath Therapist" physiotherapists who have received the title of "Bobath Therapist" should attend periodically and are defined as refresher courses where developments in the concept are shared.


Introductory Seminars: Introductory seminars including the Bobath Concept, normal development, evaluation criteria, handling, .... 2, 3 or 4 day seminars for general information. The title of "Bobath instructor" is not obtained after the course.

Bobath Basic courses have been completed 14 times in our country and the 5th course was held with the participation of Mr. Jos de Cat, the then President of EBTA, with a team from Belgium, 5 weeks at Metin Sabanci Spastic Children Rehabilitation Center and 4 weeks at Hacettepe University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Physiotherapy Rehabilitation.

Feride Bilir and Mintaze Kerem Günel, who completed their assistantship process at the end of this course, were entitled to be the first Bobath Tutors of Turkey and they presented Turkey's candidacy for EBTA membership by receiving their certificates at the EBTA Congress and General Assembly meeting in Finland in September-2012. In the same meeting, Turkey's membership was approved by the EBTA General Assembly.




It is strongly announced to all our colleagues that the Bobath courses to be organized in Turkey can only be organized by the Bobath Tutors of Turkey according to the rules of EBTA, and that any other course to be organized by using the name "Bobath" for Children and Individuals with Cerebral Palsy will not be recognized by EBTA.


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