Introduction Courses

Introduction Courses



These are courses to inform physiotherapists about the Bobath Concept organized for 3 days in our country under the rules of EBTA (European Bobath Trainers Association).


At the end of Day 3, course participants will be able to learn about;


1.Gets general information about Bobath (NDT) applications in pediatric field

2.Gets information about current Bobath applications.

3.Gets information about normal child development and abnormal child development.

4.Gets general information about Handling (Grips).

5.Gets information about the clinical types of cerebral palsy.

6.Gets information about the evaluation and treatment of the child with cerebral palsy according to Bobath.


Only physiotherapists can attend the course.

EBTA approved certificate is given at the end of the course.

At the end of this course, the physiotherapist does not receive the title of "Bobath Therapist".


For the title of Bobath Therapist, the participant must have attended the Basic Bobath Course.



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